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On May 15th, 2019 I officially became the proud owner of the 1440 South Michigan Avenue podiatry office then known as European Foot and Ankle Clinic. While I have been practicing podiatric medicine at this location since 2016, it was not until this date that I became the proud owner. I have renamed the office “Gelbmann Podiatry”, which has been incorporated since 2016.

My main goal as owner of Gelbmann Podiatry is to offer a better brand of foot and ankle care to the people of Chicago and beyond. I have performed surgery at over a 20 hospitals, worked with hundreds of fellow orthopedic and podiatric physicians and surgeons, and treated tens of thousands of patients in my career. This experience has helped me learn just how to reach every patient with my words and of course with my medical care.

With practice ownership I hope to bring my experience to the next level. More importantly I hope to use my knowledge and experience to improve the lives of as many patients as possible.

If you suffer from any kind of ailment or pathology of the lower extremity: foot, ankle, leg, please reach out to my via Facebook or by calling my office : (312) 880-0067. Don’t be shy! If I cannot help you, I will send you to somebody who can.

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