Bunion Correction

I have been performing bunion surgeries almost every week of my life since 2012. No two bunions are the same; bunion surgeries vary widely and are one of the more difficulty surgeries to perform correctly while ALSO maintaining 100% patient satisfaction.

The LapiPlasty system by Treace Medical Concepts is the latest and in my opinion the greatest technique and surgical system for fixing about 75% of all bunions that I see in my office as a podiatrist. As long as there is little to no arthritis in the big toe joint, this procedure is the way to go in correcting bunions from mild to severe. I recently attended a training course and am set to attend another such course in 2 weeks. I will then begin performing this procedure on most of my bunion patients.

The biggest complications are: pain, welling, numbness, and stiffness of the toe. Risks and complications should always be weighed against the benefits of such a surgery.

Luckily this surgery can be done outpatient under light anesthesia. Luckily recovery is fairly quick and it allows the patient to walk immediately in a protective shoe!

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